Saphier and Heller, California Health Care Lawyers
The Practice Areas in which Saphier and Heller provides legal representation include fraud and abuse, corporate practice of medicine, health care joint ventures, medical group projects, telemedicine, and others. We also prepare buy-sell agreements, corporation and partnership documents, physician employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, and other transaction documents.

Ours is a transactional practice.  We provide advice regarding the structuring of transactions to meet federal and state regulatory requirements, and we negotiate and draft contracts and related documents.  Our work includes acting as California counsel for companies that transact business in California but are headquartered in other states.

Saphier and Heller is a small "boutique" firm, founded by Michael Saphier and Dona Heller in 1986.  We do not staff projects with multiple attorneys, and our clients always know who is doing their work.  Where expertise is required that we do not have, we collaborate with other attorneys in order to meet our clients' needs.

We return phone calls and e-mail messages promptly, turn work-product around quickly, and provide high quality work at competitive rates.

We have designed this website to enable you to quickly and conveniently become acqainted with our firm.  Our Sitemap supplements the navigation bars at the top and bottom of each web page in order to facilitate your review of this site.

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The California health law firm of Saphier and Heller represents medical groups, physicians, hospitals, doctors, management services organizations (MSOs), medical spas, clinics, and other health care entities and individuals in a variety of business and regulatory transactions. See Types of Clients for additional types of health care providers, businesses, entities, and individuals represented by the firm.

Our Health Law Blog

Posted 5/20/10 ...
Independent diagnostic testing facility (IDTF) requirements were significantly changed in 2008, but we continue to see arrangements that do not reflect the current Medicare requirements.  The changes included a new prohibition against an IDTF’s sharing of space, equipment, or staff with another Medicare-enrolled  individual or organization (such as a physician practice).  These changes effectively eliminate ... more>

Posted 7/23/09 ...
Corporate practice of medicine issues continue to arise with frequency in Saphier and Heller's California health law practice. These issues can be especially problematical in the context of physician practice management contracts, when a management company owned by non-physicians seeks to control ... more>